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Residential Fire & Medical systems available from Wolfe

Protection from natural disasters is something to think about before it happens and not after. Here are some Residential Fire & Medical systems we offer. Carbon Monoxide (CO) for example is a colorless, tasteless, odorless but deadly gas. It is impossible to detect without a warning devise. To see our full product list please visit our Online Store HERE
DSC WS4913 Detector

DSC WS4913 Wireless CO Detector

  • Built-in 85dB alarm
  • Malfunction supervision
  • Low sensitivity supervision
  • Transmits RF status, low batter and tamper condition
  • Hush feature
  • Wall tamper
  • End-of-Life indicator (5 years)

4-5 year battery life
Slim-line design
Onboard LEDs indicate: Red-Alarm, Yellow-Trouble, Green-Power, Amber-Warm UP
Compatible with ALEXOR, IMPASSA and PowerSeries v4.5 & higher

Standard Indoor CO Detector

DSC WS4916 Smoke detector

DSC WS4916 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat

  • Dual-sensor heat detector
  • Built-in 85 dB horn
  • Local test button
  • Low profile design
  • High/Low sensitivity reporting
  • Easy-maintenance removable smoke chamber
  • Low battery indication
  • long-life batteries included

Automatic drift compensation
Non-contact sensitivity reading with handheald test meter (FSD-100)
UL/ULC/EN listed for residential applications

Standard Indoor Smoke Detector

DSC WS4985 Wireless Flood Detector

DSC WS4985 Wireless Flood Detector

  • 6 foot-wire probe
  • Built-in reed switch
  • Normally closed wternal contact input
  • Case and wall tamper
  • End-of-line resistor
  • 4 year battery life
  • 1 lithium battery included

This product is enrolled as a flood zone detector with the following DSC control panels: ALEXOR, PowerSeries 9047, IMPASSA, PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, PC4020, and is fully supervised.

Standard Flood Detector

DSC WS4939 Key remote

DSC WS4939 4-Button Wireless access Key

  • Durable, scratch-resistant buttons
  • 4 programmable function keys
  • Full 3-second delay panic alarm to reduce false alarm
  • Reliable 433MHz tech.
  • Water resistant

Long-life lithium batteries included
Optional generic rubber incert included
Multifunction belt clip included

Standard wireless key

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